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Social Media Small Business: Women Drive the Social Media Scene

Social Media Small Business: Women Drive the Social Media Scene

When it comes to marketing, one of the most fundamental concepts is to know your audience. When it comes to online marketing, tools like Google analytics can help you examine closely the demographics of your audience: search history, cookies, geographical location, and lots of other useful information is all available to marketers looking to get an edge on their game.

In social media, there are also lots of great tools available (such as Hootsuite and Social Sprout,) that can help you analyze your audience, your content, and your performance. One important demographic that these tools may miss, however, is the enormous gender gap that is developing in the world of social media. With the exception of a few social media outliers (i.e. Reddit and LinkedIn,) women are by far the dominant sex in social media.

Women in social media: by the numbers:

The numbers are telling: women make up the majority of users on nearly all major social media sites. According to the Pew research center, they outnumber men on

  • Facebook (76% of online women use Facebook versus only 66% of online men,)
  • Tumblr (54% versus 46%,)
  • Instagram (20% versus 15%,)
  • Twitter (18% versus 17%,)

And they absolutely dominate:

  • Pinterest (33% versus only 8%.)

To be fair, men do lead slightly in LinkedIn (24% versus 19%,) and they are nearly omnipresent in the social media oddball Reddit (where men make up about 85% of users.)

What’s more, Pew studies have also shown that women log into their social media pages more often, are more likely to consume news through social media, and are at the forefront of the trend toward mobile. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that women interact with brands much more frequently., in a fascinating study entitled Online Insights, revealed that:

  • 54% of female social media users say they show support for brands they like on social media, versus only 44% of men.
  • 53% of women say they access special offers through social media, versus only 36% of men.
  • 39% of women say they stay current with brands through social media, whereas only 33% of men say the same.
  • 28% of women say they offer opinions or comments for brands they follow on social media, versus 25% of men.

Another statistic to keep in mind: studies also show that women make about 85% of all consumer purchases. The message is clear: online marketers must be aware of the dominant role that women play in social media.


One last statistic that will really change the game: 91% of women say that advertisers don’t understand them. Why is this? A growing number of marketers say that this problem stems from the fact that advertising geared towards women is still too influenced by traditional gender roles—which, in addition to being obsolete, oftentimes can even alienate modern audiences. All this brings us back to one of the most fundamental concepts in all of marketing: do you research, know your audience, and advertise to people, not to stereotypes!

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