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The Social Media Content Management Basics

The Social Media Content Management Basics

Utilizing the right content is crucial to social media success. Not only will good content engage your current audience, it is also more likely to be shared, thus leading to growth and an even bigger audience in the future—essentially, good content creates a positive feedback loop.

Choosing and creating the right content for your audience, however, can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider—and many variables to take into account. Ultimately, social media content management must be learned through lots of hard work and experience—but there are a few basic ideas that everyone should keep in mind.

Know your audience

This is the obvious first step to any form of marketing. What’s unique about the online world, however, is that data analytics allows us to achieve this aspiration with unprecedented success. There is so much information available, in fact, that it becomes difficult to understand what data is truly important.

Entire books could be (and have been) written on this subject, but here are just a few recommendations on swimming through the sea of data:

Google Analytics offers insights into general search patterns. For example: what subjects have those who Googled your company also searched? This can give you an idea of what topics might interest your company

Social media dashboards such as Hootsuite, Buffer etc. often offer analysis of all your posts across various social media platforms—allowing you to see what types of content has been successful, and what types of content have flopped.

Personal engagement still has no comparison. It’s important to realize that personally reading (and responding to) the comments, reviews, questions, and posts of your online followers will give you a personal understanding of your marketing strategies (and, perhaps, your business strategies as well.)

Provide you audience with something they value

There are countless companies vying for attention in the world of social media. In order to stand out from all that white noise, you need to provide you audience with something truly valuable to them. Here are a few of the most common ways in which successful marketers do just that:

Education: Offer your audience some piece of useful knowledge. This is even better if the knowledge you offer pertains to your field of business, as you know that someone interested in your company will be interested in learning about your subject matter, and vice versa.

Entertainment: Give your audience something they enjoy seeing. This is a good strategy because these posts are the most likely to go viral. You could make this content somehow related to your business, though it’s not absolutely necessary—even if your audience is not learning directly about your business, the fact that they are enjoying content that you posted will still help with brand awareness and recognition.

Special Offers: This strategy is distinct because it focuses on direct marketing rather than indirect marketing. By offering customers a social media discount (or some variant of that idea) you are not only giving them a reason to buy your product, you also give them a reason to pay more attention to your social media page in the future, thus leading to further recognition, awareness, and loyalty.

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