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To Comment or not to Comment?

To Comment or not to Comment?

The growing trend amongst bloggers is to disenable the comments section in order to eliminate toxic posts and maintain a focus on the articles themselves. But is this truly a good strategy?

Go to the comment section of any blog and you‘ll see a microcosm of the internet itself. Interesting and constructive discussion, debate, and information—coupled in with destructive insults, reckless misinformation, and spam. Though most comments sections are moderated carefully, a substantial amount of not-so-desirable comments usually end up posted as well—at least until they are reported and taken down.

Some say that comments are an essential aspect of blogging. Many other bloggers are wondering if it‘s really worth the trouble. Here‘s a breakdown of the situation.


  • Comment sections allow for a two way street of communication, thus fostering a sense of connectedness and community.
  • Commenting allows for direct and sincere feedback—an invaluable tool for anyone interested in marketing their brand.
  • Commenting allows the writer to develop a relationship with his readers
  • Commenting fosters reader response—thus improving the probability that readers will respond to other calls to action such as subscribing or perhaps even making a purchase.
  • For newer sites, comments and discussion can be key to building readership.


  • Comment sections can take focus away from the actual content
  • Comment sections can attract misinformation, negativity, and trolls.
  • Moderating comment sections can be time consuming.


Despite the drawbacks of comment sections, most marketing experts agree that the potential for community building and reader response outweigh the negative aspects. Of course, this is only general advice. There are many respectable and successful blogs that have opted to disable comments, and it is ultimately an individual decision that needs to be catered to the individual needs of each brand.

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